The 21st of the Month Worldwide

You may join the circle both as a giver or as a receiver, but it’s important to alternate the two moments. During the same session you may both give and receive, or you may receive in one session and give in another.

Everyone is free to practice as they prefer, but we suggest to respect these 3 moments:

  1. 3 minutes to open and create the circle (healing pool).
  2. 15 minutes to give/receive. You may invite into the circle whomever you want to give healing to.
  3. 3 minutes of gratitude to close the circle.

Niccolò Angeli

Sono un formatore e ispiratore in campo spirituale. Puoi trovare il mio lavoro principalmente su Accademia Infinita.

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What is Aikyam?

Aikyam is a vision, a project and a way of life. It’s an alliance of consciousnesses united to inspire positive change on our planet, nourishing a spiritual view that is open and free of dogmas. Aikyam was born to round up all those who recognize in collective consciousness the most powerful tool at our disposal, and who desire to use it to the best of their abilities.

We are mostly operative in Italy where we are growing a vibrant community interested in meditating together and exploring the many possibilities of collective consciousness. Since April 2020, we have launched several global meditations in English. Like a newly born collective organism, Aikyam is willing to explore the world and to make new friends!

Join one of our global meditations, and let’s bring positive change to the next step together.

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